World Breastfeading Week (for évent )

How important is breast milk?


As most of us might be aware, this week is breastfeeding week. During this international week which is observed and respected globally, Value Health Africa join the voices of @WHO, @PMNCH and UNICEF to echo the importance of breast milk to both the mother and the child. Through out this week, we will be touching on several topics surrounding breastfeeding including; when to breastfeed, delayed breast milk flow, formula feeding, composition of breast milk, importance of breastfeeding, does breastfeeding cause breast fall out?, Child denial of breast milk, possible complications due to inadequate breastfeeding and breastfeeding in COVID-19.

You will sure have a week full with insightful messages. We encourage you to share the posts to your friends and love ones especially to those who are expectant mothers or are breastfeeding. Help them get this knowledge.

 To all breastfeeding mothers we encourage you to continue. You are the real champion. You live your life daily to give life to another soul. We celebrate you.