The 2nd Edition of The GAICAM Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship

The GAICAM Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship is a signature effort to invest in the next generation of Cameroonian leaders, and potential entrepreneurs who will serve as a pavement to the emergence of Cameroon. This initiative is expected to create new businesses and spur economic growth, promoting good governance and national unity, while enhancing peace and security across Cameroon, Africa and the world at large. This program is design to run annually during the long term holidays (July-August). We understand and recognize the need to help students, graduates and Cameroonians think beyond their certificates and the confines of survival, to how they who are the partners of today and the leaders of tomorrow can collectively work to make our nation Cameroon, top amongst others in Africa and why not Africa in the world.

 THE OBJECTIVE OF 2017 FELLOWSHIP: (I) To train young and vibrant Cameroonians and ultimately other nationalities with sustainable leadership and entrepreneurial skills, helping to establish startup entrepreneurs so they can serve as pavement to the emergence of Cameroon, and Africa at large. (II) Inspire, motivate and empower fellows with the necessary skills to enable them be more creative, proactive, flexible, productive, industrious and resourceful to the nation and the continent at large, while promoting and sustaining growth and enhancing peace in our communities. (III) Empower fellows enough to cause them conceive sustainable projects/business ideas, develop and test the ideas viability, debate and defend their projects/business ideas, and finally be register to the GAICAM Business-HOB; enabling us source for investors on their behalf so they can establish their projects. (IV) Provide a suitable platform for fellows to gainfully improve on their communication skills, creativity, and positive personality traits, as a result of our weekly defense, enabling them become successful leaders and public speakers, as well as empower them on how to sell their vision, etc.

 DESCRIPTION OF FELLOWSHIP ACTIVITIES; the fellowship would subdivided into three (3) major parts for effective training: The Orientation week: This is the first week of the fellowship, and during this week, fellows would be oriented on a range of issues relating to the functioning of the fellowship. During this week, they will review biographies of great leaders and outstanding entrepreneurs, innovators, both locally and at international level; they will be oriented on how to fellowship with a diverse team and make it count; they will share their individual life stories and experiences with others, to enable them fully understand and appreciate their current situations, as well as measure their progress during the fellowship, and finally they will be taught: Vision & Dream Mapping, Goals Setting and Time management, Introduction to leadership and business, Business correspondence, Report and project writing, PowerPoint presentation and social media awareness, Defense modalities and preparations, Individual project/business idea generation and development, and finally they will have daily debates and go for professional outdoors visit. The Fellowship Training proper: The fellowship proper will be comprised of two intensive weeks of training. This is the most important part of the fellowship and will be treated with great concern and seriousness. The fellowship proper will be subdivided into one week each of leadership and the other for entrepreneurship with a curriculum delivery approach of 30% training proper, 30% practical field work, and 40% practical debate and exposés display. Amongst others, they will taught: Civil leadership, leadership and today’s knowledge economy, Team building & Volunteerism, Event management and community youth Engagement, Managing a diverse team & achieving results; Women in power and digital leadership; Career portfolio building; CV development; Cover/Motivational Letter Writing, etc. On the other hand, the entrepreneurial week will be very intense and practical oriented. During this week, fellows must research their projects/business and confirm its viability, develop business plans, and then debate and defend the project/business before a well-seasoned panel of business experts. After effecting the corrections to be identified by the panel, the fellows will then be registered to the GAICAM Business-HOB awaiting investors. They will be trained on: Entrepreneurial mindset development; Innovation and Creativity, Business idea generation; Idea development and testing; Business plan development; Marketing and management; Customer Development; Financial Planning & Saving; etc. Final assessment and exposure: The last week of the program would feature the following: The final assessment of the fellows through a very intense defense, moderated by a team of panelist in the presence of nation builder.

 Eligibility: Applicants must be resident in Cameroon; Willing and able to commit to the fellowship training; Is at least 18 years and at most 35 years old; and should possess the ability to work collectively and cooperatively with others of diverse opinions without affecting team work.

How to apply: Interested applicants will purchase, fill and submit HERE