Volunteering with VAHA, is a platform to bring hope to young women; Enow Awah Georges

VAHA Admin, Mon 26th, Jun 2017, 16:25

Value Health Africa (VAHA) has impacted my life in so many ways as a young medical student. Given my passion in the fight against reproductive health diseases, I have for long been craving for an opportunity to give back to my community. VAHA has given me the platform to bring hope to young women through a series of outreach activities ranging from Cervical and breast cancer awareness programs to menstrual hygiene campaigns. Furthermore I have the opportunity to implement my theoretical skills especially in rural communities while also gaining firsthand experience from these communities.

Through this platform, I have not only had international opportunities but also the opportunity to meet and network with other young Cameroons some of whom are presently acting as collaborators and mentors for my career. On this note I therefor urge every young person to identify their purpose and get involved in serving humanity because Volunteerism is the ultimate for an excellent career.


Enow Awah Georges

Student; FHS, University of Bamenda

Department of Medicine


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