Value Health Africa Supports Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) in Promoting Youth Leadership and Gender Equality for Sustainable Development

VAHA Admin, Sun 23rd, Jul 2017, 17:35

It is no debate that youths constitute the pillars of sustainable development in Africa and in the world at large. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5 is pivotal to ensuring the equitable education of all persons and the promotion of gender equality in all spheres of the political and development life of the nation. This is a remarkable mission to which the very foundations and purpose of Value Health Africa is aligned to, and the organization demonstrates its commitment to ensuring gender equality and youth education across its program areas. It is therefore within this framework that VAHA joined the Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) as a demonstrating of the organizations efforts towards investing in the next generation of youths in Cameroon, endowed with the potential to serve as innovative entrepreneurs and effective leaders to make Cameroon and the world at large a sustainable community.

Cross Section of Participants during a Training Session


On July 10, GAICAM hosted the 2nd Edition of its Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurial Conference/Fellowship which saw youths between 18-35 years, from all spheres of the country as fellows, and who demonstrate an interest to effect positive change in their respective communities. Representing VAHA, Kyeng Mercy was opportune to drill participants on the module of Women in Leadership. It is no surprise that women have always been ignored when it comes to their involvement in the socio-political development of the nation, given that traditionally, their roles have been relegated to the background as "home keepers". The advent of globalization has proven that women are undoubtedly playing an important role in society and the attainment of SDG Goal 5 is therefore imperative should development be an objective.

Amongst other rich modules across the two weeks, participants were intensively drilled on Day 3 of the fellowship on the Women in Leadership module, as they were challenged to understand the ramifications and implications of good leadership. "Being an entrepreneur and a leader will entail the ability to efficiently strike a balance between career, health, family etc" Kyeng Mercy is quoted as saying. Women are paving the way for a sustainable nation and it is no doubt that nations have come to terms with this reality, given the numerous contributions and impact created in society by an emerging group of young and dynamic women the world over, committed to making their voices heard. Participants are therefore challenged, by the end of the training to seek novel and entrepreneurial ways in which to fully participate and champion the course of development in Cameroon and Africa at large, from every domain, be it social, health, political, economic and or religious.

VAHA CEO, Kyeng Mercy, lecturing participants on Women in Leadership module


Note should be taken that the GAICAM Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship is an annual program that hopes to generate annually a group of dynamic youths endowed with entrepreneurial and leadership skills, who can confidently influence policy and decision making processes in Cameroon, while generating innovative strategies for sustainable development, as a positive contribution towards attaining the SDGs in Cameroon and in Africa at large.


Franklin Titang

Policy & Advocacy Manager, VAHA.