VAHA lunches Adolescents Physical Activity Clubs

VAHA Admin, Tue 22nd, May 2018, 13:55

Non-communicable diseases (NCDS) primarily Heart and Lung diseases, Cancer and Diabetes, are fast becoming the leading causes of deaths globally. It is estimated that over 38million people die from these diseases annually and of these deaths 16million are premature (below 70years of age).  The burden of these diseases falls mainly on developing countries - in poor vulnerable and less educated sections of communities-where 82% of premature deaths from these diseases occur. Furthermore, many NCDs are associated with behaviors or lifestyle practices that are established in adolescence, including harmful use of alcohol, tobacco use, sedentary lifestyle (lack of physical activity) , unhealthy diet and unsafe sexual practices. NCDs are not diseases that can just be passed on from person to person, they progress slowly and have significant impact on adolescents and young adults (10 to 25) and should be prioritized as target groups for behavioral interventions due to their high adaptability and likelihood to be motivated for appropriate healthy changes. Health systems have to build the capacity to ensure prevention, early diagnosis, prompt and adequate treatment and rehabilitation for adolescents so as to improve the health and development of all, maximize the opportunities for healthy, productive lives and enjoyment of all human rights.

Value Health Africa lunches Adolescents Clubs in Bamenda . This program Lead by Nji Emmanuel Tetuh, Yega Nelsa Nabila has as aim to provide young people (adolescents) and their families with important and adequate information and knowledge that will help in promoting their health.

Activities in this club include; sports activities, education on sexual and reproductive health and education on other healthy lifestyle practices.