Donation of COVID19 Kits to Vulnérables communities

VAHA Admin

Adequate hand hygiene is not only necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19 but also other infectious diseases such as cholera, salmonella as it is the simplest and easiest means of breaking the infection chain. Pioneered by prudential Beneficiary, Value Health Africa under the Prudencial Relief Fund project carried out donations of COVID-19 kits to vulnerable communities in five regions: Littoral, west,North west, south West, Center.


This joint venture saw the donation of
  • 30 Hand washing Stations
  • 3000 facemasks
  • 200 Posters
  • .
  • 1000 hand sanitizers
  • Over *1 000 000 people* have benefited from COVID-19 prévention kits and have been empowered with information of COVID-19 prévention. In communities like

    Mbengwi, in the North West Region, Edenaou in the South West, Balatchi in the west region, Ntode Village in Littoral and Lobo in the Center region.