Adolescents Training on entrepreneurship in Bamali-Ndop.

VAHA , Tue 12th, Oct 2021, 09:51

VAHA, under the partnering sponsorship of Fondation Meilleur, organized a two-day training in its Adolescent clinic in Bamali-Ndop. The training included the following:

???? Making Ankara shoes

???? Making of Ankara bags

???? Making of earrings

????Making of bangles 


In total, 13 adolescents practiced and did the above items. Though the training went on smoothly, the team faced some challenges including 

????Sporadic gunshots due to the crisis in the region, 

????pushing of vehicle in rain, 

????stepping out of the vehicle and climbing up the hill on foot in rain; among others. 

This kind of training was among numerous trainings offered by VAHA to the adolescents. Last month, they learnt how to make bathing soap, and rubbing oil.

One of the major challenges raised by the adolescents was lack of start up capital to start implementing the trainings. To this, VAHA resolved to provide a start up capital to the very committed adolescents