Activity 1 : Community health workers (CHWs) training

, Tue 3rd, Mar 2020, 14:20

Community health workers and key informants are pivotal in community engagement, early detection and reporting during disease outbreaks. Before Cameroon ever recorded a case of the corona virus, Value Health Africa organized a CHW training to educate CHWs on the novel corona virus and effective community sensitization and engagement strategies. The aim of this capacity building workshop was to equip CHWs on basic knowledge of the novel corona virus for adequate community surveillance and to equip them with community sensitization and engagement skills and tools.

Target: 20 CHWs were trained across the various health areas in Buea (SW)

Trainers: Pauline Akonkeng (Regional Delegation Of Health, Bureau Of Health Information), Mbianke Livancliff (Value Health Africa, Focal Point For IPC)