Our Pillars

Our Vision :: A Cameroon with a resilient health system and where citizens are empowered with the right information and resources to make healthy decisions..


Epidemics Prevention and response

This project aims at preventing the occurrence im proving the control of epidemics such as cholera, measles and neglected tropical diseases by enhancing:

• Community disease surveillance,

• Risk communication

• Capacity for community health facilities and community volunteers. The strategies will involve,

• Rollout national and international guidelines at community level

• Training and deployment of community volunteers,

• Supporting contact tracing efforts.

• Community engagement to demystify myths and misconception around epidemics.

VAHA has successfully intervened in two major epidemics; the cholera outbreak in the south west and Littoral region and the covid19 pandemic. For more information Click Here (Link to the Updates on Epidemics)