International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict 2021



This day is to create and raise awareness around sexual violence in conflict and also to come up with ways and strategies through which this can be ended throughout the world.


In 2021 between January and March, #UN report t 500 #cases of rape and sexual or physical assault, 500 of gender-based violence from the forced marriage, in the Northwest and Southwest.


In 2020 between February and December 2020, the #UN documented 4,300 incidents of sexual and gender-based violence across the two regions. Almost half of those were cases of sexual or physical assault or rape, and in more than 30% of those cases, the victims were #children.


In 2019, the UN had documented only 1,065 cases, 289 of which involved sexual assault or rape.

Southwestern and Northwestern regions, for the period from January to June 2019, 55.3% of the victims of violations of their rights were female, compared to 44.7% of boys and men.


#IDPs are the most vulnerable category, with girls and women being the most affected because of 

their lower social and economic status, compounded by displacement: they form the majority of victims of 

sexual violence (89% of registered survivors in June for South West and North West were girls and women43).

• Many women have become widowed as a result of the crisis. Thus, they represent 31% of households 

in the South-West and 38% of households in the North-West, which represents an increase of about 10% 


#Adolescents#are one of the most affected groups during this COVID19 Pandemic. School disruptions have increased the vulnerability of this group of children as they have become victims of frequent sexual abuse, violence, and child labor.#VAHA# is committed to ensuring that adolescent girls and boys thrive through this period unaffected and with positive energy. Our #adolescentClinic# in Ndop provides #safespace# for adolescents as well as provide a medium for skill acquisition, education, and access to medical care.






Ongla Diane