Value health Africa revamps Medankwe Diabetic Clinic

VAHA , Thu 27th, Feb 2020, 22:33

Two years ago, we launched a diabetic Clinic in Mendankwe Bamenda and identified over 80 cases of hypertension and diabetes within this community.  Due to the Anglophone crises, these patients were displaced and some lost to follow-up. The conditions of some of these patients were deteriorating as some had developed avoidable #complications and others couldn't even be accounted for. This year, our goal is to ensure no premature death occurs in the community due to diabetes and hypertension. We are developing innovative mechanisms to target these patients within the community and ensuring they all have access to quality health care amidst the sociopolitical crises.  


Today we are at Mendankwe with support from the Bamenda Regional Delegation and the Mendankwe Health Center .... watch out for more