Value Health Africa and CBC Health Services Lay Groundwork for A National Alliance Against NCD's

VAHA Admin, Fri 21st, Jul 2017, 23:20

The prevalence of NCDs in Cameroon and Africa at large is seemingly on the increase given the advent of modernisation, globalization and changes in lifestyles and socialization habits of individuals especially at local levels. Tackling this issue is of paramount importance, and the need to synergize actions and efforts are all prime towards enhancing national policy efforts in the fight against NCD's in Cameroon, so as to achieve increased health and livelihoods for all. It is within this framework of objectives and direction, that Value Health Africa was duly represented at the first ever social and national development meeting at CBC Health Services, Bamenda, aimed at realizing a National NCD Alliance, an initiative spurred up by the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS), represented by Mr. Alphonse Abanda and Mr. Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinand

On July 9th, VAHA representatives, led by the CEO, Kyeng Mercy and Dr. Angu Ndengue, converged at the premises of CBCHS in Bamenda, to discuss and synergize potential strategies and plan of action of devising a strategic alliance in the fight against NCDs in Cameroon. Deliberations and resolutions adopted at this first ever meeting reflected basically the working framework of this National Alliance Against NCDs, and possible avenues to increase the network and bring onboard a cohort of committed non governmental and health associations. The Alliance will work to make NCDs in Cameroon a top priority, employing resourcefulness and tactfulness through policy advocacy, capacity building and most importantly Research.

VAHA CEO Kyeng Mercy giving a presentation on VAHA's activities and objectives

VAHA through this meeting was able to present to participants what the organization has achieved so far and what current projects are envisaged so as to align actions and activities with the expectations and mandate of the Alliance. This therefore demonstrates the committment of the organization towards championing the fight against NCDs in Cameroon and in Africa at large. Participants at the meeting expressed their utmost desire to achieving objectives based on set targets and called for increased collaboration and cooperation amongst civil society organisations, which will be an added impetus to government efforts towards ensuring health policy reforms within the framework of NCDs. While it is only an initiative which is springing up to fruition, participants at the meeting expressed "hope for nothing less than a great revival in NCDs program in Cameroon".