VAHA Volunteer of the Year: Profiling Agbor Emilia Tambe

VAHA Admin, Tue 18th, Oct 2016, 09:26

Volunteerism is one of the core values promoted by value health Africa (VAHA) and throughout the year 2016, VAHA has been mobilizing young professionals from various background to dedicate their time, energy and expertize in community programs. We have had so many amazing young people join us in this vision and presently Value health Africa has a growing network of over 50 volunteers and this number is expected to grow within the upcoming months. We are proud of the great job our volunteers have been doing and we can’t help but tell them BRAVOO!!!! Indeed the success stories of these great minds have been thrilling and as clearly quoted by Diane Branson, “Nearly every problem our world faces is currently being solved in some community by some group or some individual. Imagine if we could only get all these hearts and minds connected so that, we could collectively tackle our problems”. It is therefore in our hands to make Cameroon the best nation in the world, if we change our mindset of making just ourselves comfortable but rather look at how better we can make little changes around our communities.

Today we announce with so much honor and excitement our volunteer of the year!!!! AGBOR EMILIA TAMBE.

Tambe Emilia is a 22 year old female Cameroonian currently enrolled in the Faculty of Health science of the University of Bamenda. This dynamic young woman has been volunteering relentlessly with Value Health Africa for over 18months. She is so passionate about changing her community by dedicating her medical skills during her free time in the communities. She has accompanied VAHA team to over 10 communities within the North west region of Cameroon and so far she has actively participated in Diabetes, Hypertension, Cervical cancer, Prostate cancer and sexual and reproductive health awareness campaigns just to name a few. Her presence brings life and hope to the hopeless and her smile renews strength within the disheartened

Here are some of her words as she plunges into 2017
“I am so happy to have been given this award. I thank Value Health Africa for giving me an in-depth of community health knowledge through my participation in community health outreaches. I have learned so much about community perception with regards to so many disease and now I can educate the community better. As a result of this experience I have had so many career building opportunities one of which is my acceptance to participate in the YALI Regional Dakar. I would love to encourage as many young persons to engage in volunteerism because it’s the way to go for a successful career.

What about you? To volunteer with us and experience this life changing opportunity please click on the following link and fill/download our volunteer form. We will be happy to receive you and share with you exciting moments of community