VAHA celebrates world AIDs day in Bamali, Launch of Adolescent Clinic

VAHA , Mon 2nd, Dec 2019, 12:26

World AIDS Day in Bamali. 


“As a ‘player (a young man with multiple sex partners)’ I knew my life was at risk of HIV.  After doing the test, I was glad to know that I don’t have HIV. My advice is that every young person should come and know his or her status and we the young people should stick to a single partner and that they should go for a checkup to before they commence with their marriage plans. Many thanks to VAHA for this golden opportunity. May God continue to give them the wisdom to help many others too”—#Fomban

“I came to celebrate World AIDS Day for the very first time. As a first-timer, I was warmly received with pre and post counselling. During the pre counselling, I was told about HIV and methods of prevention and transmission. The population was encouraged to know their status and the exercise was free of charge as I didn’t pay for anything. People got tested even after regular working hours. I also learnt about the adolescent clinic and I have enrolled to start attending. It's absolutely a good initiative because it offers the opportunity for us to become aware of our health. I am already preparing to attend it again on 2/12/19. I want to thank VAHA for coming to this village to provide an opportunity like this one. It has never existed before as much as I can remember. May God bless them and may they continue to come.”—#DiamaClovis

“I have never done an HIV test before. This is my very first time doing it. I know the virus can be transmitted from person to person through unprotected sex and infected sharp”.—19 years old girl 

“I have heard about World AIDS Day, but it has been a long while we see a thing like this happening in Bamali-Ndop, I was warmly welcomed and this test is free of charge. I think this exercise will help many people to know their status and the communities will be free of the virus. I really thank God for VAHA and I pray may they continue to come here at Bamali- Ndop”.—#Njiku Denis