Improving the reproductive health of adolescents in Cameroon

VAHA , Thu 28th, Feb 2019, 07:22

In Cameroon, there is a growing need to improve the reproductive health of adolescents. This is because adolescents (recognized by the World Health Organization as persons aged 10-19) have early sexual exposure but lack adequate information and planning skills to manage their reproductive health. As internally displaced, it is even most difficult as they are more exposed to family separation, physical violence and other violations of their human rights, including sexual abuse and exploitation, as such, require more assistance and protection.

As part of National efforts to prioritise reproductive health of adolescents, on the 24th of February 2019, Vaha Cameroon in collaboration with Relief Center Cameroon launched some adolescent support project in the Western region of Cameroon to ensure that information and services are readily made available to adolescents to help them understand their sexuality and protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and subsequent risks of infertility.