Volunteers spotlight

je suis Elfried, etudiant en gestion. Je fais du benevolat avec Value Health Africa et j’apporte mon aide dans la gestion et la coordination les programmes de sensibilisation ainsi que dans les activites. Vaha m’a beaucoup appris sur les maladies, en particulier sur ce coronavirus, et m’a aide a pratiquer ce que j’apprends a l’ecole. Merci VAHA.

- Elfried Mbimbe

hi, I am Dorcas, a Cameroonian and a student in the department of geography, University of Buea. I am a volunteer for Value Health Africa and I support in logistics during outstation activities. I as well assist in providing assistance in carrying out specific tasks and running errands for the organization.As a student, VAHA has helped me grow in my organization skills by providing an avenue to practice what I have learned. I have also learned new things and gain new knowledge in the health domain. I want to say a big thank you to VAHA for this opportunity.

- Dorcas Bamu

I am Remi, a psychologist volunteering for Value Health Africa. As a psychologist, I work in carrying out psychological assessments and psychotherapy for vulnerable groups such as victims of abuse, those affected by crisis and perinatal women. After graduation, this is my first opportunity to put my knowledge at work. I can say Value Health Africa offered me an opportunity to transmit knowledge to practice. This has improved in my career by adding me extra skills and expertise.

- Remi abuanek

salutations. Je suis Brenda, camerounaise et j’habite ‘a douala. Je suis infirmiere de profession et benevole chez Value Health Africa. Bien que je n’aie pas ete trop longtemps avec VAHA, il semble que je suis ici depuis des siècles. En tant que benevole, je dois effectuer plusieurs taches, organizer et superviser. J’avais fait des choses que je n’avais jamais apprises a l’ecole. Cela a peaufine ma carriere. Merci a VAHA..

- Gweth Hiol Gertrude Brenda

hello, I am Frederick Nsombi popularly known as Fredo. I am a nurse practitioner in the North West Region of Cameroon and a volunteer with value health Africa. Being a lover of public health, joining value health Africa has been like a dream come true. The in-center capacity building workshops and active community interventions has built in me knowledge and expertise. I now understand how to coordinate an activity, various steps of epidemic response, community surveillance and much more. Thanks to value health Africa I am more than just a nurse.

- Frederick Nsombi Kombe

hi, I am Claudia, a young Cameroonian nurse residing in the north west region of Cameroon. Despite working as a nurse in a clinic, I volunteer my services to value health Africa to join force in their vision of building a healthy community. Joining value health Africa has been awesome as I have grown in my personality and career. Through our community interventions I have come in contact with several conditions that have increased my knowledge and spur empathy towards human suffering. I am more determined and motivated to assist VAHA in achieving all her objectives.

- Tata mbuhminyuy Claudia