Shu Martin - Grant Manager

Shu Martin was born in a small indigenous forest livelihood community in the North West Region of Cameroon, into an extremely poor polygamous family of two mothers with seventeen children. He is one of the only two out of the seventeen to have attended secondary education (on self sponsor) and the only one to have afforded university studies (on self sponsor). Martin now holds a BSc in Sociology from the University of Buea (Cameroon); a Diploma in Development Studies from the Pan African Institute for Development-West Africa and Master in Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility from EOI-Esquesla de Organizacion, Madrid. Martin’s vulnerable background played so much role in shaping his career passion and aspirations. Without any support to attend secondary school credit to his academic and professional achievements could only be thanks, to the highest level of hard work, honesty, integrity and devotedness to excellent commitment towards results and deadlines - he is very intelligent, creative and always keen on learning new skills, developing new ideas and translating them to new projects. He is equally an innovative and entrepreneurial team builder, team leader and community mobilizer - quick to finding solutions, especially through multi-lateral collaboration and cross-sector partnerships that address social and economic exclusion.

Martin is a Human Rights Based development expert with mastery in inclusive development management, learnt and experienced through his involuntary social exclusion status. He believes that development becomes inclusive only when it includes, empowers and involves people affected by various forms of involuntary social exclusion – people who suffer multiple inequalities, deprivations, and vulnerabilities; people in dire need of lifesaving measures; people in distress and suffering; people who have lost human dignity and people who have been deprived of basic human and indigenous rights.

His impressive track record and perspectives are being guided by the triple bottom line principles of sustainability, which require a continual strive towards balancing between the three competing (and most often conflicting) values of resilient people, resilient planet and resilient profit. Working as lecturer, social researcher, project/programme leader, capacity skill enhancement expert and workshop trainer at community and organizational levels Martin has acquired and developed several skills which have enhanced his efficiency and efficacy in; project leadership, Action Oriented Research (AOR), stakeholder engagement and enhancement of development partnerships, fund raising/resource mobilization, sustainability reporting, corporate social responsibility (CSR), humanitarian crisis management, human resource management, issues of gender, project/programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

He is married with six children.