Shu Claudia - NGOKETUNJIA Coordinator

SHU CLAUDIA SIRRI is a senior nurse with a master’s degree in Public Health and a member of the Cameroon Nurse’s association who is currently working at the Ndop District Health Service, in charge of planning, data management, monitoring and evaluation of health programs in Ndop Health district.

She coordinates the activities of Value Health Africa in Ngoketunjia Division and supervises the diabetes/hypertension clinic in the Ndop district hospital. For her two years’ work with VAHA, she has been able to organize two massive walk awareness campaigns in Ndop health district which pulled hundreds of community inhabitants to participate in free diabetes and hypertension screening. In addition, she is the focal person for Neglected tropical diseases in Ndop health district, focal person for the performance based financing project in Ndop, carrying out quality assessment in health units and supervises community health workers in charge of identifying and referring the poor and vulnerable to health units for quality health care. With her passion for community mobilization, she trained and supervised 39 peer educators from 13 villages in Ngoketunjia Division in 2015 under the SAF project who currently carry out sensitization on the fight against HIV AIDS in their various villages. She has also capacitated the members of the diabetes clinic of the Ndop District Hospital to serve as peer educators in their various zones in creating awareness on NCDs.