NCDs Awareness and Screening

Given that most prevaling NCDs (Diabetes, hypertension, Cancers, Respiratory diseases) are usually asymptomatic at their early stages, many persons only get to know their status when complications already set in and the burden of managing these complications weighs on both the individual and the entire community. We currently carrying out massive sensitization on air, schools, community campaign sites and social media platforms, to raise awareness on prevailing NCDs and thier associated risk factors.

VAHA in Collaboration with Banso Elites carrying out awareness and screening on cervical cancer

Through this initiative over 3000 community inhabitants have benefited from our free screening and education programs on;





Further more our awareness and sensitization programs have touched over 2million lives in Cameroon with many more people becoming more aware of the predesposing factors of these diseases.

Value Health Africa and Cameroon Daibetes Association creating awareness on NCDs

We have also been able to identify over 200 new diabetic cases and 400 new hypertensive cases in communities. These cases are now receiving proper follow up in community health facilities and our newly installed control clinics. We are now confident that the number of cases that will progress to blindness, amputation or even kidney failure and other complications will be reduced.

VAHA Staff (Dr Treke Gerald) Screening for Diabetes

This will not only save extra spending at the level of the government (as it is already costing our government a sum of 200USD per dialysis session per patient) but will increase national productivity while promoting the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

The testimonies and feedbacks from the communities have been overwhelming and we feel like the pathway for change is being made. Nevertheless, much is yet to been done as more than half of positive cases are not aware. If we don't reach out to these individuals early enough, they risk progressing to complications raising the death toll 2folds.

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