Non-communicable Diseases

In Africa many people say, cancer is a disease of the rich and diabetes is a disease of affluence. Contrary to this perception, it is the poor that are most affected by these diseases – including those that become poor because of it. Given that most of these diseases are asymptomatic at their early stages, most persons only get to know about their status when complications already set in and the burden of managing these complications weighs on both the individual and the entire community.

Prostate Cancer Campaign, Bamenda Health  District, 2016

This growing burden is projected to double by 2030, if measures are not put in place to arrest it- reason why VAHA has identified the following sustainable measures to curb on this growing disaster;

  • Awareness Raising; Community education, screening campaigns and  sensitization programs (radio programs, banners, posters, stickers etc)
  •  Strengthening Health Care Systems; Installation of community control clinics; Capacity building for health care providers; resource mobilization for underserved health facilities
  • Advocacy; Presentation of research findings at national health forums; social media campaigns etc


VAHA Staff and Volunteers carry out Community Screening and Education