NOW, I KNOW MY BREAST AND CERVICAL CANCER STATUS; Testimony from Physically challenged beneficiary

VAHA Admin, Sun 25th, Jun 2017, 01:33

I was diagnosed of poliomyelitis at the age of two which led to paralysis of the leg and as such the inability to walk. As a result of this condition, I have encountered a good number of challenges since people with disabilities are often discriminated in our community and society at large. I couldn’t go to school, have inadequate medical attention, just to name but a few. When I learnt of the ‘Wirnso gives back project’ organized and sponsored by the elites of Banso in partnership with Value Health Africa, from the president of persons with disabilities in Bui division I was happy and promised myself to be there. I wasn’t only excited about hoping to access a free health service but also getting to know my cervical and breast cancer status for the very first time. I had no money to take care of my transportation but was informed by our president that Value Health Africa was taking care of our transportation to and from the screening site. When I got there the topography of the screening site was a challenge for me to access but was aided by some members of the VAHA team. Finally I became aware of my cervical and breast cancer status and was also counseled on reproductive health issues so as to remain and stay healthy. I want to say a big thank you to the VAHA team and the sponsors of this project for their kind gesture. Thanks for incorporating people like us in such a project, I’m very grateful. Want to use this opportunity to encourage people with similar conditions out there; never look down on yourself. You are not different from those walking on two legs and you can do whatever you want to do for disability is not inability.

 Senka Hejolis Egenyu

Physically challenged Beneficiary

Banso Community